L1-Trigger Menu Editor (TME)

The Level-1 Trigger Menu Editor is a CMS community software application to create and modify Level-1 Trigger Menus for the Level-1 Global Trigger using a transparent XML format.

See on this page:

Figure: Application window with algorithm and object editor dialogs (version 0.5.0).

Online Help

Getting in Touch

General Questions

If you need help with the editor please contact us using the <hephy-cms-trigger(aT)cern.ch> mailing list.

Reporting Bugs

Make sure that you use an up-to-date version of tm-editor. Please report bugs to <bernhard.arnold(aT)cern.ch>

User Feedback

If you want to share your thougths about tm-editor please feel free to report your feedback also to the above contact.

Development Resources